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NotiSphere Partners With Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative to Define Supply Disruption Communication Standards

April 3, 2023

LOS ANGELES, April 3, 2023 ( - NotiSphere has announced its partnership with the Healthcare Industry Resiliency Collaborative (HIRC), a nonprofit healthcare supply chain association that champions standards and best practices in supply chain resiliency. Through this partnership, NotiSphere will support HIRC's mission to strengthen and create a more transparent and resilient healthcare supply chain. As a provider-led, supplier-supported organization, HIRC brings together key stakeholders across healthcare to align on common solutions to supply disruptions that impact patient care.

NotiSphere is pleased to bring its expertise as a trusted provider of supply disruption communication solutions to the HIRC partnership. With extensive knowledge of the medical supply recall landscape and its expertise in bringing innovative solutions to market, NotiSphere will lead efforts to define communication standards for supply disruption scenarios in the healthcare industry. This will help strengthen healthcare supply chains in collaboration with leading providers and suppliers.

The HIRC partnership is the latest in a series of initiatives undertaken by NotiSphere to bolster supply assurance across healthcare.

"Supply disruptions manifest in various forms today, ranging from recalls and shortages to backorders and market withdrawals," said Guillermo Ramas, Founder & CEO of NotiSphere. "With recalls at an all-time high in terms of both the number of events and units recalled, and disruptions such as backorders at levels ten times higher than they were a few years ago, the need for innovative approaches to collaboration is clear. Streamlining the communication process through these approaches will enable the industry to achieve greater efficiency, and partnering with HIRC is a fantastic way to get this done."

"Communication is key to resiliency," said Jesse Schafer, Executive Director, HIRC. "It was natural for us to partner with Notisphere as a pioneer in the healthcare supply disruption communications space.  We share a culture of innovation through collaboration. Our partnership will accelerate the development of communication standards as a healthcare industry. This foundation is integral to HIRC's mission in building a more transparent and resilient healthcare supply chain."

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About NotiSphere

NotiSphere offers and innovative digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of supply disruptions in real-time. NotiSphere's mission is to minimize the impact of healthcare supply chain disruptions due to communication challenges between industry stakeholders. We accomplish this by automating communications, leveraging standards, and designing best practices and processes to promote industry-wide adoption.

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About HIRC

HIRC is the pre-eminent consortium for patient-centric healthcare supply chain resiliency standards. HIRC was born through outreach by leading healthcare providers to peers and partners in the industry to face the challenge of supply chain resiliency together, rather than alone. Members participate in monthly calls, strategic initiatives and best practice sharing to enable a collaborative culture capable of producing sensible and scalable strategies. HIRC is non-competitive, non-exclusive and member driven.

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