Eliminate The Madness of Incoming Paper Alerts And Easily Coordinate your Recall Actions

Have All Your Recall Related Information in One Place
  • Alerts delivered to the hospital via multiple channels

  • Alerts sent to multiple people and departments in the hospital

  • Alert fatigue and difficulty managing influx

  • Multiple alerts for a single recall

  • Coordination of recalls for consigned stock

  • Cumbersome to maintain an audit trail of all steps taken

  • Time-consuming to reply via the "postcard" system

  • Time from recall event to recall closure ​

Thousand of Clinician Hours Spent Unnecessarily Dealing With Recalls

What is NotiSphere

NotiSphere is an innovative platform that allows providers to quickly resolve recall events.

With NotiSphere Providers Can:
  • Reduce the number of alerts that need a response

  • Easily coordinate recall actions for owned and consigned stock

  • Centralize the receipt of recall alerts and eliminate alerts to ship-to locations

  • Reduce time dedicated to recalls by thousands of hours