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Normalizing Excellence: Confronting Deviance in Device Recalls

December 5, 2023

In the healthcare industry, managing medical device recallsis a critical issue that requires urgent attention and a strategic approach. Having observed many organizations and their recall processes, I can say with certainty that we often overlook two key factors that contribute to the challenges we face: normalized deviance and the principle that "what is permitted is promoted."

Normalized deviance happens when shortcuts or lapses insafety become business as usual, primarily because no immediate consequences are evident. This is especially dangerous in healthcare, where every step wetake can be a matter of life or death. When hospitals become too relaxed about addressing deficiencies in their recall process, they're setting a dangerous precedent.

The saying "what is permitted is promoted" is straightforward in its implication: if you allow a risky practice to happen,you're essentially endorsing it. In the context of recalls, this means if a hospital doesn't act decisively and swiftly when a recall is issued, it’s essentially giving the green light to keep using devices that could be harmful to patients.

The current recall alert process in use by the industry doesn’t make the life of healthcare provider organizations easy; its slow,inefficient, and has many weak points.

To tackle these issues, it’s essential for hospitals to put in place strong, clear procedures for managing recalls. This includes keeping a close eye on recall alerts, taking recalled devices out of use immediately, and ensuring all staff understand the gravity of these processes.

Creating a culture that prioritizes safety and accountability is just as crucial. This means any deviation from the established safety procedures should be caught and corrected quickly. Everyone,from the top down, must commit to a standard where safety is non-negotiable andwhere risky practices have no place.

Understanding and addressing the underlying issues of normalized deviance and the problematic notion that "what is permitted is promoted" are key to improving recall management in healthcare. Hospitals must be proactive, not just reactive, and make sure that patient safety is always the top priority.

Addressing the issues surrounding medical device recalls requires a robust and effective solution, and this is where NotiSphere's recall alert and management system comes into play. Our platform streamlines the recall process, making it easier for hospitals to respond quickly and efficiently when a recall is issued. With real-time notifications and auser-friendly dashboard, NotiSphere ensures that healthcare providers are no longer caught off guard by recalls. Our system promotes a proactive stance on patient safety, reducing the risk of normalized deviance by integrating recallmanagement into the daily routine of healthcare operations.

By adopting NotiSphere, hospitals can reinforce their commitment to safety and take a significant step toward eliminating the"what is permitted is promoted" mindset, ensuring that only safe and effective devices are in use at their facilities.

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