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I can See Clearly Now: Going Beyond the UDI & Medical Recalls to Hardwire Patient Safety

March 30, 2022

You won't want to miss the panel discussion with our Founder & CEO, Guillermo Ramas and Ashlea Souffrou, Founder and President at SxanPro with Justin Poulin, Founder of Power Supply taking place on April 8th during the Expert Series Conference. Visit or scan the code in the image and register.

UDI plays an incredibly important role in medical recalls, and combined with innovative technology such as NotiSphere's to enable fast and accurate communications, it makes for an unbeatable formula to deal with medical device recalls the right way!

Medical device recalls need to be communicated electronically, and containing all the right information to enable providers to act quickly, to ensure high levels of patient safety.

The Beyond Clean&Power Supply Expert Series™ conference event, happening NEXT Friday, April 8th. Innovative and engaging! It will be the capstone on a stellar SPX2022 event airing all next week.

Make sure to grab your virtual seat here:

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