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Coffee With Jon

July 19, 2021

Guillermo Ramas is interviewed by Jonathan Schober in the podcast series "Coffee With Jon" as part of the technology innovators series.

Coffee with Jon is a podcast with Healthcare Industry thought leaders from around the world designed to inspire Family and Professional Caregivers as they support the healthcare needs of our aging population - Click on the image above to listen to the podcast

“As a Chief Medical or Compliance Officer, your work demands extreme attention to detail. In addition to the new technologies that are coming online on a daily basis, you have to manage the technologies that you are currently using. Despite technology innovator’s best efforts, recalls are and will continue to be a reality. Today, we’re going to have coffee with Guillermo Ramas and a conversation that focuses on improving care.”

Listen to our founder be interviewed by Jonathan Schober, and explain why NotiSphere came about and the healthcare industry challenges it aims to address.

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