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Becoming NotiSphere

July 27, 2021

Guillermo Ramas is the founder of NotiSphere, a medical recall software company that directly connects suppliers and buyers to safely deal with medical recalls. With over 26 years of experience in healthcare technology, working within supply chain analytics, sales, and more, Ramas collaborated directly with numerous healthcare providers over the years and heard many of their grievances with the healthcare recall process.

In February 2018, Guillermo joined a Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) recall taskforce initiative to doa deep and thorough dive into the medical recall process. It was here he participated in a performance improvement retreat with other healthcare professionals to completely map out every step of a recall, from the supplier initiating a recall, to notifying hospitals of a recalled product and how to correct the recall. The team determined the “Pain Points” in theprocess including notices not being delivered fully electronically, multiple recall notifications being sent and received, and notices being sent to the completely wrong buyers. At one point, he asked how long the process had been in place without major changes, and the answer astounded him, “More than 40 years.” This is when Guillermo knew he needed to take action to solve the issue because “If not me, who?”\

Using his background in the medical field and his experience at SMI, he envisioned a solution to transform the existing medical recall process from a largely paper-based process to one occurring on a virtual platform where suppliers and buyers can connect directly, instantaneously. Other companies have attempted to better medical recall notifications with technology, but often these solutions are less effective because they serve either the supplier or the provider, but not both. The vision for this new solution was to connect both more efficiently. The hospitals are not at fault for the devices that get recalled and deserve to know as quickly as possible when they are no longer safe to use, and they should not haveto pay for that information. Suppliers have a need to ensure that they can effectively reach the right provider audience reliably and efficiently. Ramas knew this to be true; so he createdNotiSphere to provide a free service for all hospitals to tackle this important safety process for patients.

Guillermo saw a vision for a better medical recall process and knew it was his mission to make it a reality. His idea does not only better the hospital side of medical recalls but will save suppliers a tremendous amount of time and money. They no longer must pay a third party to ship out paper notices to each buyer multiple times until they receive the proper response; they can pay a subscription fee to NotiSphere and utilize their streamlined online Medical recall software that does away with old school and environmentally unsustainable paper notices. Ramas’ vision will save both the supplier and buyer immense amounts of work and money while also eliminating paper waste.

NotiSphere was created to address the needs of both sides of the medical recall process. Guillermo Ramas wants to help all: hospital staff, patients, and suppliers. The NotiSphere mission is to provide new solutions to the healthcare industry that result in increased patient safety.

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