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A Harm-Free 21st Century

May 7, 2022

Guillermo Ramas, our Founder and CEO, was invited to Power Supply to talk about how he has created a win-win solution for suppliers and providers to move recall alerts and acknowledgements to an electronic platform that costs the providers nothing and delivers significant savings for suppliers.

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The biggest win is for the patient: by removing alert fatigue for recall coordinators and delivering only the relevant alerts much faster!

The current recall process is not only inefficient and slow, it’s incredible costly and bad for the environment. But, where there is waste, there is opportunity!

Tune in to hear how NotiSphere is taking this opportunity to the next level in hospitals across the country.

NotiSphere is revolutionizing the way medical device recall alerts are delivered and managed; no other recall management software does what NotiSphere does today.

Join us in our mission to improve patient safety, simplify recalls for providers and suppliers, and help the environment by saving half a million trees a year!

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