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NotiSphere awarded Third-Place prize and voted "Audience Favorite" in the fourth-annual GS1 US Startup Lab Pitch Competition!

The GS1 US Startup Lab Pitch Competition showcased emerging technologies that could have a significant impact on commerce and supply chains, leveraging technologies from artificial intelligence and machine learning to computer vision and mixed reality. Eight startups with products launched since June 2019 were selected to present their capabilities to a panel of judges composed of technology experts from leading companies via a remote platform. Finalists were evaluated on their solutions' innovation, performance, usability and potential societal impact, how GS1 Standards were incorporated and their overall presentation of the product.

"These startups offer disruptive and innovative technologies that leverage GS1 Standards as a foundation," said Melanie Nuce, senior vice president, innovation & partnerships, GS1 US. "The winning startups' solutions could make palpable impact, contributing to efficiencies in science and healthcare and helping the supply chain reduce waste to strive toward amore circular economy."

GS1 Connect provides a way for supply chain, e-commerce and technology professionals to stay up to date on industry trends, best practices and strategies for preparing for future business opportunities by leveraging GS1 Standards. To learn more about GS1 Connect, visit

 NotiSphere was awarded Third-Place in the competition and was voted "Audience Favorite" by the conference attendees.

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