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NotiSphere Partners With PAR Excellence to Provide Real-Time Medical Recall Insights to Healthcare Providers

LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2023 ( - NotiSphere and PAR Excellence are pleased to announce their new partnership that aims to deliver innovative solutions to their customers. Combining NotiSphere's supply disruption communications software with PAR Excellence's Cloud-based healthcare inventory management technology, the two companies will enable healthcare organizations to have real-time visibility of recalled medical supplies in their inventory and an automated process to manage recalled stock collection and document disposition. This will help healthcare providers manage supply operations more efficiently, ultimately improving patient safety.

NotiSphere offers an innovative communications platform that connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of supply disruptions in real time.

The two companies will work together to streamline recall procedures and other disruptions faced in healthcare. The integration of their technologies will enhance the user experience by reducing the time and effort required to act on recalls. "Significantly reducing the time it takes a provider to locate affected product is key to increasing patient safety and driving the industry to higher efficiency," said Thad MacKrell, PAR Excellence's CEO.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with PAR Excellence," said Guillermo Ramas, NotiSphere's CEO. "Helping healthcare provider organizations act faster on recalls while reducing effort and increasing patient safety is perfectly aligned with the mission of both organizations."

The collaboration between PAR Excellence and NotiSphere is expected to deliver significant benefits to the healthcare industry, helping hospitals and other healthcare providers operate more effectively and improve patient care.

About PAR Excellence

PAR Excellence provides the healthcare industry with a suite of inventory management technologies and workforce optimization tools. Founded in 1993 and serving more than 300 academic medical centers and leading healthcare networks across the United States, PAR Excellence is committed to providing healthcare organizations with market-leading supply chain solutions that eliminate manual steps, allow full visibility of inventory, improve patient safety, and reduce the cost of operations.

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About NotiSphere

NotiSphere offers an innovative digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of supply disruptions in real time. NotiSphere's mission is to minimize the impact of healthcare supply chain disruptions due to communication challenges between industry stakeholders. This is accomplished by automating communications, leveraging standards, and designing best practices and processes to promote industry-wide adoption.

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