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NotiSphere Joins Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI)

January 15, 2021 (Press Release) – NotiSphere, a healthcare technology company focused on innovating the medical device recall alert process , today announced that it has joined SMI®, a non-profit, member-driven consortium of healthcare supply chain thought-leaders.

Membership in this organization will enable NotiSphere to actively participate with other thought leaders to drive change within the industry, specifically the supply chain processes. NotiSphere is committed to improving the quality of healthcare delivery by increasing patient safety, lowering the cost of healthcare, and applying traceability principles to the healthcare industry supply chain.

Guillermo Ramas, CEO of NotiSphere said, "We are very excited to contribute to SMI's important and meaningful mission. Global healthcare supply chain resiliency is currently facing tough challenges. With hospital staff working remotely, the efficiency of supply chain processes such as recall management are even more critical to ensuring the availability of product. SMI's collaborative forum is the perfect environment to evolve and advance the future of the healthcare marketplace. We look forward to bringing our innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to the table to make a difference."

ABOUT NotiSphere NotiSphere offers an innovative digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of medical device recalls in real-time. Our vision is to revolutionize the medical device recall alert process in use by the healthcare industry, shortening the time it takes to process recalls, eliminating significant costs for suppliers, and reducing the carbon footprint of the process used by the industry for the last forty years.

NotiSphere enables focused communication, directly to those who need to know. Efficient communication through the platform shortens the time it takes to execute recalls, reduces the number of alerts received by an organization, and improves efficiency in managing the recall, allowing providers to focus on patient safety rather than administrative processes. With our partners, we are challenging the status quo of a broken process, driven by the shared focus of preventing recalled items from ever causing harm to a patient. For more information, visit NotiSphere at and on LinkedIn.

ABOUT SMI SMI® provides a nexus for healthcare providers, suppliers and disruptors to network and collaborate on innovations that drive meaningful improvements in supply chain agility, efficiency and resilience. We provide a unique, non-commercial community where members forge long-term relationships as they work together to improve patient care. For more information about SMI, including a complete list of members, visit:

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