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The medical device and drug recall process in the US is inefficient both for suppliers and providers. It is based on methods and guidelines established in the 70's, and has not evolved to take advantage of modern technologies.
With paper-based communications, and targeting every ship-to location at providers, recalls for widely distributed products translate into millions of dollars in cost for suppliers and thousands of hours of effort for providers.  This results in a process that is not quick to guarantee a recalled product does not reach a patient.

NotiSphere is born with the idea of addressing all the current challenges by making the process easier for all users involved and speeding up the entire communication cycle, shortening the time it takes to make sure no recalled item reaches a patient. This increases patient safety, takes millions of dollars in cost out of Healthcare, and ensures providers can dedicate less time to managing recalls and more time to care for patients.

NotiSphere was selected to the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator class of 2019
Our Culture
We aspire to provide radical solutions and changes to the healthcare industry, helping providers and suppliers better carry out their mission, resulting in better care, increased patient safety, and lower overall healthcare costs for the industry.

We do this by committing to our Core Values:​

We focus on improving the environmental footprint of the industry with any solution we design.
Innovation & Excellence
We focus on doing things differently and looking for the best possible solution to every problem. No shortcuts. No excuses.
Do Good for the Whole
We believe in designing, developing and providing solutions that benefit the industry as a whole, and not any one individual organization. ​​
Everything we do, we will do with passion. Passion is the force that drives fantastic results and excellence in everything we do.
We are committed to providing solutions that will help ensure fairness across the industry and its stakeholders.


Guillermo Ramas
Founder & CEO
Prasantha Jayakody
Technology Lead
Hal DeLong
Ent. Arch., Performance
& Operational Readiness
Michael Duke
Program Director
Hemangi Dongre
Senior Project Manager
Jason Armiger
Head of
‍Customer Success
Billy Hensley
Francesca Ferrari
Customer Support
Suzy Eberle
Vice President
Supplier Sales
Praveenkumar Bhati
Software Engineer
Kanchan Warghade
Software Engineer, QA
Pratik Bharvirkar
Software Engineer
Swaraj Kanhere
Senior Software Engineer
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