It's time to deal with recalls the smart way

Challenges for Suppliers
Recalls are at an all-time high and continue to climb
  • An inefficient and costly communication system (in some cases costing millions of dollars in communications per recall)

  • Speed in communicating to providers and acknowledgment from the provider that notice is received

  • Long cycle to close a recall due to slow reply from provider ship-to locations

  • Compilation of data and reporting for regulatory compliance

  • Management of returns and credits

  • Inaccurate returns due to mass alerts by third parties

  • Poor ability to quickly gather feedback from providers re: product

Average Communication Cost per Recall: $1 - 2 million

Expected recalls per year: 3 to 5

Why NotiSphere

NotiSphere is an innovative platform that allows suppliers to communicate recall alerts electronically achieving efficiencies not possible up to now.

Cost Savings
  • Reduce recall communication costs by up to 90%

  • Have the recall letter electronically distributed to providers

  • Submit only one notification per provider (IDN, System, hospital, etc.)

  • Eliminate the need to communicate with hundreds of ship-to locations

  • Eliminate redundant notifications

  • Time from recall event to recall closure

Ease of Use
  • Design the recall letter based on your pre-defined templates

  • Eliminate the confusion of ship-to/sold-to data not matching

  • Receive 2-way communication with providers organized by recall and provider

  • Receive alerts for any communication/inquiry from a provider related to a recall

  • Custom design the steps providers need to take when executing a recall and track the execution of such steps

  • Track in real-time which providers have acknowledged, are in the process of executing, or have resolved the recall

  • Receive timely product feedback from providers in a platform that allows for organized management of all information received

Shorten Recall-Cycle Time
  • Create updates to the letter and have providers automatically alerted about those updates

  • Easily coordinate with providers any actions required to return, destroy or handle product

  • Easily manage returns, replacements, and credits with a clear channel of communication and documentation

  • Significantly shorten the recall cycle by eliminating unneeded, unclear and redundant communications and response wait times

  • Receive only one response per provider

Easy Reporting
  • Maintain a full repository and audit-trail of all communications, notices, and actions, including documents, images, and forms

  • Generate reports to provide information to FDA as needed

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