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Reduce the Use of Paper in the Medical Device Recall Process

Let's Go Digital

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  • Easy to adopt - No process changes required

  • No Cost – Providers just need to register

  • Increase awareness - Encourage suppliers to send electronic recall notifications

  • Reduce carbon footprint – Help save 500,000 trees a year.

Millions of paper alerts are sent each year. The current process is slow and prone to failure. So how do we change this and eliminate the paper from the process? 


One step at a time.

Submit Electronic Recall Responses


You are just a few clicks away from the first step:

Submit the requested responses to manufacturers in electronic form through NotiSphere and letting them know you support the use of electronic communications


Establish a Centralized Repository of Responses
Quick access to important recall-related email and documents to use for audit purposes


Ask Suppliers to Send Electronic Recall Notifications

Join us in moving the healthcare industry from paper to the digital world by automatically including a request to join NotiSphere with your recall response.

And then what?

We help the supplier move to a fully electronic process for the delivery of recall alerts. This means less paper in your mail and less time spent on the recall process.


You will reliably receive an electronic recall alert only when you receive affected product.


One organization was able to see over a 90% reduction in the time to respond to a recall, reducing tye risk of causing patient harm. Learn more here.

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